Marketing Toolkit

Resources on this page are designed to help Washington conservation districts market their services and work. You’ll find templates, guidance, and products to help tell the story of voluntary conservation and promote a unified brand for Washington conservation districts.

Brand GuidelinesBranding guidelines: Instruction on how to use branding products in this toolkit, including key messages, logos, colors, and fonts (typeface). Please review this document. Consistent use of messaging and visual elements will help us amplify the identity of conservation districts in our state.
Cover of tip sheetPublic Support for Conservation (pdf): Summary of tips from a talk by Dave Murphy - Commissioner of the Missouri Department of Conservation and chair of the campaign for a voter-approved sales tax to fund conservation - given at the WACD 2017 Annual Meeting. Tips focus on how to foster community support for conservation.

Tip sheetTips to Engage Elected Officials and Decision Makers (pdf): Simple tips to help start and maintain effective relationships with key influencers of conservation district work.

Color palette:palette Colors to use when designing materials consistent with the CD logo and brand.

10 Ways Conservation Districts Can Help YouImage - 10 Ways CDs can help you Fact Sheet - (half-page) List of common services offered by Washington's conservation districts.
CD Template CoverAbout Conservation Districts: (11x17 folded) Includes key messages about CDs and three sections to customize with your own district-specific information. Please review these step-by-step template instructions. View example of completed template (Spokane Conservation District).
CREP for landownersConservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) handout for landowners: (8.5x11, two-sided) Overview of program incentives, eligibility, and enrollment. Follow these instructions to customize the handout with your district logo and contact information.
Tech Assistance HandoutFunding for technical assistance: What is it for, and why is it important? (8.5x11) Brief description and graphic illustrating the various steps of technical assistance that form the foundation of all conservation projects.
Visit the SCC Fact Sheets page to download more SCC-produced materials about conservation programs and initiatives. Email Laura Johnson to request InDesign files of the templates.
Looking for images for building an infographic or for data visualization?
vectors Here's a zip folder of vector (digital) images that relate to aspects of CD work. Feel free to use and modify!
Want to see how other CDs are using infographics and data visualization?
Check out these examples:
Time for show and tell! Here are presentations from fellow conservation districts about their communication, marketing, or education initiatives. Other CDs may use or build from these examples. Presentations were recorded during the monthly Communications, Partnership, and Outreach committee meetings.
Conservation District and Veteran Partnerships, recorded May 2019
Inspiring Farm Conservation Stewardship: Adaptations to Incentive-based Campaigns, recorded November 2018
Building and Maintaining Relationships (Pierce Conservation District), recorded July 6, 2017 
Conservation districts and environmental education (Palouse Conservation District), recorded February 5, 2016 


Kids in the Creek Educational Program (Cascadia Conservation District), recorded October 1, 2015 

WSCD_WindowToHealthyLands_Logo_CMYK_H"Window" logo and accompanying slogan ("your window to healthy lands") are available in horizontal and vertical orientation, in color and in black and white.
Need help writing a media release or publicizing your event? These templates and guidelines were developed by fellow conservation district staff to help you get started.

Key MessagesConservation District Key Messages: Statements describing the unique value and purpose of conservation districts. They address three questions: 1) What are conservation districts? 2) What do conservation districts do? and 3) Why are conservation districts important?

elevatorElevator Pitch and Word Bank for Describing Conservation Districts of Washington State: Ever wish you had an under 30-second description of conservation districts in your back pocket? Use this “starter” elevator pitch and word bank to deliver a concise, impactful answer the next time someone asks, “So, what’s a conservation district?”  

Talking Points - Voluntary Conservation ProgramsTalking Points image (pdf): Messaging about the benefits and efficacy of voluntary, incentive-based conservation programs.

Photo gallery (hosted on Flickr): Photo galleryFind images of working lands, conservation, and landscapes from across Washington. Images have been contributed by conservation districts and the SCC and are available for non-commercial use by conservation districts, the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, Washington Association of District Employees, and Washington Conservation Society.
Please read about photo licensing, credit, and submissions.
Licensing: CDs, WACD, and WADE are granted a royalty-free license to remix, tweak, and build upon images in the gallery non-commercially. Photos may not be used to infer or imply SCC endorsement of any product, company, or position. Please do not distort the images the photos portray.
Credit: While not required, please provide a photo credit as feasible. Suggested credit is:
  • Photo by [photographer’s name], [entity name] (e.g. Photo by Joan Smith, Random County Conservation District]). *Note: When you click on a photo in the Flickr gallery, the photographer is listed in the photo description.
How to submit photos: The SCC and Communications, Partnership, and Outreach (CPO) group runs an annual conservation district photo contest each year between August-September. All submissions are added to the gallery. Outside of the contest time frame, we still appreciate your photo submissions! Please email Laura Johnson if you have photos you’d like to share.

Appearance Release Form template: If you capture videos, photos, or audio/written recordings of people, consider using an appearance release form that gives you permission to use an image or recording. This Word template was developed by the SCC for district use. Disclaimer: This template and information about appearance release forms is not legal advice. If you have specific legal questions about release forms, we recommend you consult an attorney familiar with this area of law.

General photography tips and tricks: Find a list of simple tips, presentations, videos, and resources to help build photography skills. (List created by CD employee and photographer Andrew Phay, Whatcom Conservation District)
bmp_cover_imageSocial Media Best Practices and Examples (pdf): Best practices for social media account management and examples of a social media policy, Facebook Impressum, and social media account copyright statement.
WorksheetCapturing Effective Testimonials from Landowners and Partners - Worksheet (Word): Use this worksheet to develop your idea and strategy for capturing and sharing testimonials that effectively tell your story.

Appearance Release Form template (Word): If your district captures videos, photos, or audio/written recordings of people, consider using an appearance release form that gives you permission to use an image or recording. This template was developed by the SCC for district use. Disclaimer: Information about appearance release forms is not legal advice. If you have specific legal questions about release forms, we recommend you consult an attorney familiar with this area of law.

Example of tour packet coverTour Packet template: Provides a folder for tour materials, including a Tour Insert (see template below).  Use this template to give an overview of your conservation district and key service areas that you want to highlight for tour attendees. Prints as 11x17 document, two-sided, folded.

Tour insert coverTour Insert template: Template includes space for a tour map and take-home messages about each CD tour stop. It prints as an 8.5x11 two-sided document that can be inserted into the Tour Packet template (see above).

Watch and share these short, 3-4 minute videos featuring success stories from Washington's CDs!
Whatcom Conservation District- Win-win solutions for dairies and water quality
North Yakima Conservation District - Effective, voluntary solutions help stabilize Ahtanum Creek and keep farmland viable
Clallam Conservation District - Voluntary effort succeeds in re-opening shellfish beds in Dungeness Bay
Spokane Conservation District - Vets on the Farm
Clark Conservation District - Empowering urban/small acreage farms


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