Fact Sheets

Want to learn more about our conservation work?  The following printable fact sheets describe how the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) and conservation districts are turning state investment in natural resource protection into action on the ground.

Image - 10 Ways CDs can help you Fact Sheet

10 Ways Conservation Districts Can Help You: Quick overview of some of the services offered by Washington’s conservation districts and how they may be able to help you as a landowner.

Updated: Apr. 2018 

celebrating tribal partnerships handout coverCelebrating successful tribal partnerships: Examples of how the critical partnerships between the SCC, conservation districts, and tribes have enhanced the value and impact of conservation programs and services.

Updated: Mar. 2017

cover of CREP handoutConservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP): General information about program design and achievements.

Updated Apr. 2018 


Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Re-enrollment Brochure: Re-enrollment information for landowners whose CREP contracts are approaching expiration. (tri-fold, 2MB)

firewise recovery program coverFire Recovery Program: Highlights conservation district projects funded through this SCC program to help landowners and cooperators recover losses to natural resources and agriculture that occurred during the 2014-16 wildfires. (11×17, folded)

Updated: Feb. 2017

Firewise Program: Summary of results from SCC Firewise Grant Program that funded conservation districts to help landowners and communities implement local Firewise activities (FY 2017).

Updated: Feb. 2017

IEGP fact sheetIrrigation Efficiencies Grant Program (IEGP) – FY 2018 Accomplishments: Project map and summary of accomplishments made through IEGP in fiscal year 2018 and since its inception.

Updated: Jan. 2019 


Office of Farmland Preservation: Linking you to preservation and conservation of local agricultural lands (11×17, folded, 1MB)

Every CD contributes to orca recovery

Orca Recovery: Using the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) as an example, this 11×8.5 fact sheet shows how conservation districts across the state contribute to orca and salmon recovery. It includes a map of priority Chinook stock basins for Southern Resident killer whales, which stretch across Washington.


Targeted Implementation of Shellfish Funding: Examples of completed, ongoing, and planned projects implemented by conservation districts using funding from the SCC Shellfish Grant Program. (11×17, folded)

Updated Mar. 2017

Cover of fact sheetVoluntary Stewardship Program (VSP): General introduction to VSP, a collaborative process that helps Washington communities ensure healthy landscapes and strong farms for the future.

Updated: June 2018

Web_Photo2016 Agency fact sheet – Washington State Conservation Commission: Conserving natural resources on private lands, in collaboration with conservation districts and other partners.

Updated Apr. 2018

Cover of ctd fact sheetCenter for Technical Development (CTD): This technical arm of the Washington State Conservation Commission helps conservation district staff deliver consistent, high-quality service and natural resource results. (11×17 folded)

Updated: Jan. 2017

CREP for landownersConservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) – for Landowners: Information for landowners interested in learning more about CREP enrollment.

Dairy Distillation Fact SheetDairy Distillation Grants: Summary of grant funding awarded in June 2018 to projects that aim to find environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for turning dairy waste into marketable by-products.

Updated: Jan. 2019

FirewiseFirewise Program Project Map: Project map, photos, and metrics highlighting accomplishments made through the Firewise Program in state fiscal year 2017. (11×17)

Updated: Nov. 2017

Irrigation Efficiencies Grant Program: A bridge between irrigated agriculture, salmon, and the community.

Updated: Jan. 2018

Natural Resource Investments – FY 2019 AccomplishmentsNRI fact sheet: Project map, photos, and metrics highlighting accomplishments made through the Natural Resource Investments Program in state fiscal year 2019.

Updated: Jan. 2020

OFP Fact SheetOffice of Farmland Preservation – FY 2018 Accomplishments: Summary of program accomplishments from fiscal year 2018, including completion of agricultural conservation easements in partnership with North Yakima Conservation District.

Updated: Jan. 2019

Shellfish Fact SheetShellfish Program – FY 2019 Accomplishments: Project map, photos, and metrics highlighting accomplishments made through the Shellfish Program in state fiscal year 2019.

Updated: Jan. 2020

Tech Assistance HandoutTechnical Assistance: What Is It For, and Why Is It Important? Provides a graphic and description of technical assistance steps that must occur before ground breaks on a conservation project, demonstrating why financial support is important for this foundation of conservation district work.

Updated: October 2019

Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) for landowners – Introduction to VSP, including a “what does VSP mean for me?” section for farm landowners.

Updated: April 2019