Elections and Appointments

Welcome to the Conservation Commission’s conservation district (CD) elections and appointments web page. Here you’ll find information and resources for voters, candidates/applicants for CD board positions, and election administrators.

Each CD in Washington is governed by a board of five members, called supervisors. Three are elected locally by the public, and two are appointed by the Conservation Commission. At least two of the elected and one of the appointed supervisors must be local landowners or operators of a farm. The term of office is three years. Supervisors serve without compensation — they are volunteers.

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Voters with Disabilities
  • As a voter with a disability, you can request a reasonable accommodation or assistance to vote.  The Conservation Commission and conservation districts are committed to ensuring accessibility at polling locations, and that you have the opportunity to vote privately and independently.
  • Polling locations must meet all of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.  View the ADA checklist for polling locations for more information.
  • To request a reasonable accommodation or assistance, please contact your conservation district.
Accessibility concerns
  • If you are concerned about the accessibility of a polling location, contact your conservation district or the Conservation Commission's election officer at 360-407-6200.
Register to Vote
Voting at a Polling Location
  • No voter may seek to influence any other voters within 300 feet of the ballot boxes.  Voters may observe an election but may not interfere with other voters or polling officers.  A voter must sign in on a poll list and provide sufficient information for a polling officer to determine the individual’s eligibility to vote.
  • Before receiving a ballot, the identity of a voter must be verified by a polling officer. Acceptable forms of voter identification include:
    • Valid Washington State driver’s license or Valid Washington State identification card; or
    • Any other identification allowed for registering to vote by the Auditor of the County where the conservation district is located.
  • A voter who cannot be confirmed at the polling place as eligible to vote may vote, but only on a contested ballot issued by a polling officer.
Procedures and Rules
Elected supervisor positions
Election e-forms that must be filled out by CD staff
Appointed supervisor positions
Elections webinar
Issue Advisories
Election and appointment issue advisories serve to fill the gap that exists between election and appointment rules (RCW Chapter 89.08 and WAC Section 135-110), policies (the Election Manual) and issues that don’t lend themselves easily or at all by establishing a rule or policy. From time-to-time, as needed, the Commission election officer will create issue advisories to address issues that arise related to conservation district elections and appointments.
Conservation District Elections and Appointment Committee 
In September 2018, the Commission proposed making changes to the elections and appointment procedures.  A summary of their motions and proposed can be found here: a summary of the Conservation Commission motions from their September 20, 2018 meeting related to conservation district elections and appointments.
The Commission established a committee of conservation district supervisors, conservation district staff, and Commission staff to review these changes and possibly propose others.  The Conservation District Election and Appointment Committee (CDEAC) was created after the September 2018 Conservation Commission meeting. Commission members authorized Commission staff to begin the process to develop, refine, and adopt amendments to the laws and rules related to conservation district election and appointment procedure. The purpose of the CDEAC was to propose to the Commissioners a number of changes and amendments to the laws and rules related to conservation district elections and appointment procedure. The CDEAC was comprised of conservation district supervisors and staff and Commission staff, and met monthly by web-meeting or in-person. View CDEAC meeting dates and materials.
  • CD elections don't fall under the state statute for general elections (Title 29A RCW) unless specifically identified in the Conservation Commission statute. In fact, RCW 29A.04.330 (1) (b) specifically exempts CDs from general and special elections requirements. Instead, the Conservation Commission is charged with establishing procedures for the elections. To assist conservation districts and the public with the election of conservation district board members, the Conservation Commission established a rule, a manual, and standard forms for conservation districts to use in their elections.
  • Learn more about CD Elections and CD Supervisor Responsibilities.
Elections Proviso Report
On March 6, 2014 the State Conservation Commission hosted a webinar to discuss a conservation district elections proviso report. View the webinar. Reports and documents referenced in this webinar include: