Regional Managers

SCC “Regional Managers” are assigned to work with conservation districts in areas across the state. Regional managers’ in-depth knowledge of local and state issues helps them assist conservation districts with several topics, including:

  • Conservation program planning, implementation, and monitoring
  • District operations, such as accounting/auditing procedures, elections procedures, and board member orientations.
  • Project management (annual and long-range work plans)
  • Coordination of district projects/programs with other local, state, federal, and tribal partners.

Regional Manager Map

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For more information about Regional Managers, please contact Ray Ledgerwood, 208-301-4728.

Regional Manager Map
Puget Sound Southwest Southeast Northeast South Central

Puget Sound

Position currently vacant. Please contact Shana Joy or Ray Ledgerwood in the interim.


Stu Trefry, 360.584.5213

Areas of expertise:

  • Conservation district capacity building
  • District supervisor orientation and training
  • District employee training
  • Assisting regional managers on capacity building
  • District special assessments, rates and charges, long-range planning
  • Washington Association of District Employees (WADE) liaison
  • Urban and Community Conservation Committees (Washington Association of Conservation Districts and National Association of Conservation Districts)
  • National Association of State Conservation Agencies (NASCA) Policy Committee


Ray Ledgerwood, 208.301.4728

Areas of expertise:

  • Regional manager supervision and coordination
  • Coordinating outreach to conservation districts
  • District operations, planning, and reporting
  • Good Governance coordination
  • Commission budget development and long-range planning
  • Coordinated Resource Management
  • Facilitation
  • Liaison with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and local work groups


Mike Baden, 509.385.7510

Areas of expertise:

  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service relations and programs
  • State Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) representation
  • Grant writing
  • Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
  • Conservation Practice Data System (CPDS)
  • Conservation planning
  • Technical employee training
  • Engineering area coordination

South Central

Shana Joy, 360.407.6209

Areas of expertise:

  • Policy/program development and implementation
  • Partnership development
  • National Association of State Conservation Agencies (NASCA) National Officer