Included below is a list of the policies and policy positions of the Washington State Conservation Commission. These policies and policy positions include Agency Operations as well as those affecting conservation districts. If you have a question or concern about any of the information listed below, please contact the Commissions Policy Director, Ron Shultz at 360.407.7507.

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#19-02 Agricultural Conservation Easement Sponsorship

2019 CD Easement Guidance

2019 SCC Easement Guidance
The purpose of this policy is to establish the process by which the Conservation Commission would seek or hold an interest in real property for the purposes of farmland preservation.
DRAFT: Cultural Resources Policy - under consideration

Governor's Executive Order 05-05

Cultural Resources Policy Memo

DRAFT Procedure: CR Review when a District uses WSCC assistance

DRAFT Procedure: District options for CR Review when using WSCC funds

DRAFT Procedural Flow Chart

DRAFT: Other Cultural Resource Issues
This policy and the procedures are currently under review for approval.
#13-25 Category 3 PolicyThis policy outlines basic elements associated with the Category 3 funding for conservation districts.
#13-10 Management Practice Implementation GuidanceThis is a guidance paper to aid in the development of management practices so that they fully follow NRCS standards and specifications.
#13-05 Cost Share PolicyThis policy authorizes local conservation district boards to establish by resolution, cost-share ratios up to 100% in association with all WSCC grant cost-share funding except CREP and Irrigation Efficiencies and other programmatically prescribed cost-share limitations.
#12-17 Conservation District Audit PolicyThis policy defines how costs for audits of conservation districts are handled by the Conservation Commission.
#12-16 Conservation District Consolidation PolicyRCW 89.08.180 contains three paragraphs pertaining to the combination or consolidation of two or more conservation districts, and gives the Washington State Conservation Commission (Commission) certain powers and duties.
Policy Guidance - Engaging in district activities which overlap with private sector activities
#09-01 CREP Maintenance Funding PolicyTo set a uniform CREP Maintenance Funding Policy for all CREP projects located in the State of Washington.
#09-02 Cost Share Participation by Conservation District Municipal Officers including Employees and Associate SupervisorsCost share funding using state funds for conservation projects proposed or sponsored by conservation district municipal officers including district employees and/or associate supervisors or a business entity in which a district employee or associate supervisor have an interest, will be allowed only if the district board has considered the ethics requirements for municipal officers set forth in RCW 42.23.030 and RCW 42.23.070