Governance, Operations, Training and Development

The State Conservation Commission (SCC) provides resources for conservation district supervisors and staff as part of our statutory role to guide and assist conservation districts. Much of this information provided below is in consultation with legal and tax experts, but it is not legal or tax advice. The SCC encourages you to consult qualified legal and accounting professionals to address your specific circumstances. This information will be updated often – check back regularly for new or revised information.

Video Orientation for Conservation District Supervisors and Staff
Module 1: Overview, History, Mission, and Principles
Learn about the history of conservation districts nationally and in Washington State, and the unique role districts play in natural resource stewardship.
Module 2: Governance and Operations
Learn about the local governance structure of conservation districts, the role and responsibilities of supervisors, district planning and operations, potential funding sources, and more.
Module 3: Partnerships
Learn the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities related to conservation districts' key partners, including the State Conservation Commission, Washington Association of Conservation Districts, state and federal agencies, tribes, NGOs, and local government.
Required open government training (for supervisors)