About the State Conservation Commission

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) is the coordinating state agency for all 45 conservation districts in Washington State. Together, the SCC and conservation districts provide voluntary, incentive-based programs that empower private landowners to implement conservation on their property.

The SCC was created by the legislature in 1939 (RCW 89.08.070) to support conservation districts through financial and technical assistance; administrative and operational oversight; program coordination; and promotion of district activities and services.

Mission to conserve natural resources on all lands in Washington, in collaboration with conservation districts and other partnersDuties of the SCC include:
  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration between conservation districts and other partners (e.g. state and federal agencies, tribes, local government, non-governmental organizations)
  • Facilitate ways for conservation districts to serve natural resource partners in delivering resource conservation programs and activities to their local community.
  • Coordinate and assist conservation district programs, administrative procedures, operations, elections, and accountability systems.
  • Determine the distribution of state funds to conservation districts and monitor their expenditure.

The Commission consists of a 10-member governing board representing Governor appointees, other state agencies, and conservation districts. A small staff carries out the direction of the board, provides direct service to conservation districts, and coordinates the work of the Commission and districts with other natural resource and agricultural partners. While our headquarters office is located in Lacey, we have agency staff in several communities around the state, including: Okanogan, Spokane, Goldendale, and Yakima. See the Agency Org Chart.

Who sits on the SCC Board of Commissioners?

Our board members hail from across Washington State and include people with experience in ranching, farming, law, management, public service, natural resource management, and more.

Three members are elected by members of the Washington Association of Conservation Districts (WACD), and the WACD President also serves on the Commission. Four members are appointed to represent state partners (Departments of Ecology, Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, and Washington State University). Two members are appointed by the Governor.

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