Update: SCC investigation of the Thurston Conservation District board

Updated: June 15, 2018


The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) has received several concerns and complaints regarding the conduct of members of the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) board of supervisors. At their November 2017 meeting, the SCC board of Commissioners passed a motion empowering the SCC executive director to issue a notice of a hearing to each supervisor of the Thurston Conservation District regarding removal of supervisors under RCW 89.08.200.

The SCC continues to provide updates on the status of the implementation of this motion and the status of a staff review of other concerns regarding the TCD board.

Current status:
  • Washington State Conservation Commission staff have completed the interviews and review of documents related to the investigation of the Thurston Conservation District board.
  • Documents and interview transcripts are being compiled into an investigation report.
  • Once final, the report will be made available to the public.

If SCC staff find cause to recommend removal of any supervisor, notice and due process will be provided under RCW 89.08.200. If a hearing is held by the SCC board of commissioners, it may be conducted as a special meeting with proper public notice.

Contact / Questions

Please direct questions and comments to Ron Shultz, SCC Policy Director (360-407-7507).

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