Learn about supplemental budget requests submitted by State Conservation Commission

This fall the State Conservation Commission (SCC) submitted a state 2020 Supplemental Budget Request to support the work of conservation districts and our agency.

These fact sheets explain why we submitted these requests and, if funded, what we aim to accomplish:

Budget Overview
RCPP Fact Sheet
CREP Fact SHeet
Community Resiliency
What’s the purpose of supplemental budget requests?

Halfway through the biennium, state agencies have the opportunity to request additional funding to supplement their budgets for the next fiscal year. There are more stipulations for these requests. Guidance from the Office of Financial Management states that supplemental budget submissions should focus only the following types of budget revisions:

  • Non-discretionary changes in legally-mandated caseloads or workloads.
  • Necessary technical corrections to the enacted 2019-21 budgets.
  • Additions or reductions to federal or private/local funding anticipated for the remainder of the biennium.
  • Only the highest priority policy enhancements or resource reprogramming operating and transportation budget proposals, consistent with Governor Inslee’s priority goals.
  • Capital projects that address emergent needs and cannot wait for the 2021-23 capital budget.

Contacts for each request are listed at the bottom of each handout. For general questions about our supplemental requests, please contact Alison Halpern, SCC Policy Assistant (360-280-5556).