Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) in Washington

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) is a lead partner and supporter of the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). RCPP is a Farm Bill program administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. RCPP has helped agencies, tribes, and non-governmental organizations maximize partnerships and coordinate natural resource investments.

RCPP in Washington:

  • Ten projects in Washington have been awarded $48.5 million in federal RCPP funds since 2014.
  • The SCC is leading one RCPP project: Precision Conservation for Salmon and Water Quality in Puget Sound.
  • Conservation districts are the lead or co-lead for five RCPP projects in Washington.
  • The state must provide match to receive RCPP funds — the SCC is designated to pass -through match to project leads.

Learn more about RCPP projects using the map below.

RCPP Projects (2014-17)

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RCPP Projects (2014-17)

Precision Conservation for Salmon and Water Quality in Puget Sound

Lead Partner: Washington State Conservation Commission

Funded: 2015

Partners will use an ecosystem-wide process for targeting high priority areas in the Puget Sound to improve water quality and habitat for at-risk species, including Chinook salmon, bull trout, and steelhead. Within focus areas, a farmer-to-farmer approach will be used to increase participation and ensure buy-in from the local community.

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WRIA 1 Salmon Recovery and Water Quality Improvement

Lead Partner: Whatcom Conservation District

Funded: 2016

Partners recruited twenty-two landowners ready to implement priority projects that remedy inadequate habitat for fish and wildlife in the Nooksack River watershed in North Puget Sound. Strategic projects will advance recovery of salmon and improve water quality in downstream commercial, ceremonial and subsistence shellfish beds operated by the Lummi Nation.

Palouse River Watershed Implementation Partnership

Lead partner: Palouse Conservation District

Funded: 2015

Through implementation of the Palouse River Watershed Management Plan, more than 15 partners will work with producers to address water quality concerns and reduce water quality regulatory action on producers in this area of Washington and Idaho.

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Greater Spokane River Watershed Implementation

Lead partner: Spokane Conservation District

Funded: 2016

Partners will work to reduce sediment carried to the Spokane River watershed, reduce nutrients, resolve water quality issues, and protect wildlife and fish habitat. Tens of thousands of agricultural and forestry acres, including a tribal farm, will benefit through voluntary NRCS programs.

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Upper Columbia Irrigation Enhancement Project

Lead Partner: Trout Unlimited, Inc

Funded: 2015

Funds irrigation efficiency improvements with large irrigators and irrigation districts to modernize water delivery infrastructure. Enhanced instream flows will benefit critical spawning and rearing areas for Endangered Species Act (ESA) fish in critical Upper Columbia Tributaries.

Puyallup Watershed Partnership

Lead partner: Pierce Conservation District

Funded: 2017

Partners will work to permanently conserve 1,000 acres of prime farmland and assist landowners with implementation of restoration activities through Environmental Quality Incentives Program funding assistance. This will help enhance salmon habitat and preserve the economic and ecosystem benefits that farmland provides.

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Southwest Washington Non-industrial Private Forest Conservation Partnership

Lead Partner: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Funded: 2017

Assisting forest landowners with development and implementation of forest stewardship plans that improve habitat, protect water quality, improve forest resiliency, and keep working forests working.

Yakama Nation On-Reservation Lower Yakima Basin Restoration Project

Lead Partners: Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation

Funded: 2014-15

Addressing critical needs for conservation and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat and water quantity and quality on Yakama Reservation in  Lower Yakima River Basin.

Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Water Quality and Habitat Improvement Project

Lead partner: Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation

Funded: 2014-15

Implementing projects that reduce erosion and stream sediment (e.g. repairing /removing stream crossings) and improve range conditions and habitat.

Yakima Integrated Plan ‐ Toppenish to Teanaway

Lead partners: Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation and the Kittitas County Conservation District

Funded: 2017

The Yakama Nation and the Kittitas County Conservation District will implement projects that will accelerate the recovery of threatened Middle Columbia Steelhead by targeting high-priority watersheds which currently produce more than 50 percent of the wild steelhead run in the Yakima River Basin. These actions also will increase water supply and water quality for environmental, economic, and cultural purposes. Learn more.

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