Professional Engineering Grants


Schilter Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP) Project – site being dewatered

The Professional Engineering Services Grants Program is a partnership between the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) and Washington’s 45 conservation districts to help support safe, effective conservation practices.

How it works:

A group of conservation districts covering a geographic area coordinate a grant application to the SCC to hire and share the services of a professional engineer. The SCC currently funds 12 engineers who cover nine “areas” that represent all 45 conservation districts. Engineering services are available to landowners, cities or towns, groups (e.g. irrigation districts), conservation districts, conservation district planners, and government agencies (e.g. Washington State Parks).
Engineering services include investigations, feasibility studies, assessments, evaluations, surveys, designs, construction management, inspection, and engineering contract oversight and management.

Schilter FFFPP Project - Newly installed bridge

Schilter FFFPP Project – Newly installed bridge

Engineering projects vary in range, and may include:

  • Streambank stabilization to reduce sedimentation;
  • Culverts and bridges to allow for fish passage;
  • Livestock and waste management practices to protect water quality;
  • Stormwater practices to reduce flooding;
  • Pipeline projects to reduce irrigation use and increase instream flows for fish; and
  • Rain water management prac­tices to reduce potable water usage in towns or cities.