OFP – Farmland Preservation Reports

future farmersWant to learn more about issues impacting farmland preservation in our state?

The following reports provide data that has been tracked and compiled by the Office of Farmland Preservation (OFP) and other partners in order to identify threats and opportunities for farmland over time.

Farmland Preservation Indicators Report (2015)
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OFP publication that identifies trends, conditions, and opportunities related to farmland preservation in Washington over time.

Download the 2015 Washington State Farmland Preservation Indicators Report (pdf). Or, view a one-page summary of each category:

Previous versions of the Farmland Preservation Indicators Report also are available. View the 2009 report (pdf).

Washington State Farms and Land in Farms (2017)

OFP summary of Washington-specific data provided by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Updated February 2018

This annual data presents the number of farms in operation, land in farms, and average size (acreage) of farms for individual states and Washington. In addition, it includes economic sales class estimates for number of farms, land in farms, and average size of farms

County Conservation Futures Report (2019)

2019 OFP report of Conservation Futures tax levy (PDF).

Updated October 2019

Conservation Futures is a county tax levy program provided for in RCW 84.34.230 that protects, preserves, maintains, improves, restores, and limits the future use of threatened areas of open space, timberlands, wetlands, habitat areas, culturally significant sites, and agricultural farmlands. Conservation Futures funds, acquired through a property levy, are used to purchase rights or interests in real property for counties to preserve lands of public interest for future generations.