Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Reports

2013MonitoringReportCover2013 Implementation and Effectiveness Monitoring Results for the Washington CREP: Buffer Performance and Buffer Width Analysis. Describes methodologies and results for both implementation and effectiveness monitoring assessments in Washington State CREP from its origins in 1999 through the 2013 calendar year. Also examines current CREP buffer width status and discusses likely outcomes if the CREP minimum buffer width is increased.

CREP_EffectivnessMonitoriingReportCREP Effectiveness Monitoring Report. This provides program measurables for 2012 and cumulative totals. It also analyzes plant growth by species and plant species composition in the buffers.

CREP_2011AnnualReportCREP 2012 Annual Report. Includes measurables for 2011 and cumulative totals. Also analyzes targeted watersheds for changes in water temperature and salmon numbers.