Update: SCC investigation of the Thurston Conservation District board, process and status

February 27, 2018

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) has received several concerns and complaints regarding the conduct of members of the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) board of supervisors.  At their November 2017 regular meeting, the SCC Board of Commissioners passed a motion empowering the SCC executive director to issue a notice of a hearing to each supervisor of the Thurston Conservation District regarding removal of supervisors under RCW 89.08.200. This memo provides information on the status of the implementation of this motion and the status of SCC staff review of other concerns regarding the Thurston CD board.  This memo also sets out a timeline for completion of this work.

Current action

The SCC is responding to these concerns on two tracks:

  1. Investigation of the Thurston Conservation District. SCC staff have identified specific areas in need of improvement, and communicated these concerns to the TCD board. The TCD responded to these concerns in an action plan submitted to the SCC in late January 2018. SCC staff is currently evaluating the action plan to determine if the proposed actions, if fully implemented, will adequately address the concerns raised.
  2. Investigation of claims of misconduct raised against individual TCD board supervisors. These claims are currently being reviewed. Any individuals wishing to submit their concerns about supervisor activity should provide information to SCC staff, along with their names and contact information. As part of this review, SCC staff may conduct interviews with various individuals and TCD board members. Following this investigation, the results will be presented to the SCC executive director. The SCC executive director will then make a recommendation to the full SCC board as to whether a hearing should be held for considering the removal of district board supervisors.

Results of both investigations are anticipated to be concluded no later than April 30, 2018.  If SCC staff find cause to recommend removal of any supervisor, notice and due process will be provided under RCW 89.08.200. If a hearing is held by the SCC board, it may be conducted as a special meeting with proper public notice of the meeting.


Additional questions regarding this investigation should be directed to Ron Shultz, SCC Policy Director at rshultz@scc.wa.gov or 360-407-7507.

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