Supplemental budget provides funding for fire recovery and preparedness, food policy forum

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the 2016 Supplemental Budget for Washington on April 18. The budget includes additional funding for the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) for fire recovery, Firewise, and a food policy forum.

SCC supplemental budget summary:
  • Wildfire Recovery:  $6.8 million of the disaster response account is provided solely to protect water quality, stabilize soil, prevent crop damage, replace fencing, and help landowners recover from losses sustained from wildfires. $300,000 of this amount shall be provided to the Okanogan county noxious weed control board to control weeds and revegetate lands damaged by wildfires.  NOTE:  One time funding.
    Next Steps:   Conservation districts are advised to visit the SCC Programmatic Guidelines page for fire recovery funding guidelines and FAQs.  Commission grant policies, forms, and documents can also be accessed through the Grants and Finance section of the SCC website.   Contact Mike Baden for more information on fire recovery funding.
  • Firewise:  $1,000,000 of the disaster response account is provided solely for the SCC to provide to conservation districts for the Firewise Program.   NOTE:  One time funding.
    Next Steps:   The SCC will form an advisory committee to develop a funding strategy for consideration by the SCC Board of Commissioners during their May meeting.  For more information on next steps, contact Shana Joy.
  • Food Policy Forum:  $50,000 of the general fund-state appropriation for fiscal year 2017 is provided solely for the SCC to convene and facilitate a food policy forum.  NOTE:  One time funding.
    Next Steps:  The SCC will develop the process for soliciting interested participants for the forum consistent with the group composition identified in the budget proviso.  The process for implementation of the forum will be presented to the Conservation Commission at their May meeting for approval.  Contact Ron Shultz for more information.

View the final supplemental operating and capital budget description paper.


Ron Shultz, Policy Director
Washington State Conservation Commission