Two Soil Resource Conservationist positions at Grant County CD

The Grant County Conservation District is seeking applicants for two permanent full-time Soil Resource Conservationist Planner positions with development and advancement potential. The incumbent will receive formal, informal, and/or on-the-job training in the specialty area, and assignments will become progressively more difficult in nature. Assignments at this level are designed to provide the knowledge, skills; and abilities required to successfully perform at the intervening grade level. Non-competitive promotion to the next grade level is dependent upon: 1) satisfactory completion of the training requirements; 2) demonstrated ability to perform the duties at the next higher level.

The successful applicant must have a strong work ethic and desire to be part of a cohesive team in a rewarding work environment.  This position focuses on providing technical assistance to landowners and land managers, collecting and managing natural resource data, coordinating project implementation, and assisting with administrative and education/outreach tasks as needed.

The Soil Conservation Planner is part of a dynamic team of resource professionals working to implement the vision of the Grant County Conservation District.  Our vision is to be recognized by all private landowners as a source of financial, technical and educational assistance; and by local, state, and federal authorities as the organization of choice to implement on-the-ground stewardship activities.  We serve the citizens of Grant County to ensure the long-term use of natural resources is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable using non-regulatory, voluntary approaches.

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