Meeting to discuss policy initiatives in Ellensburg – agenda available now

This meeting will discuss the five policy initiatives that were proposed at the May Commission meeting. To read those initiatives, please click on the following link: WSCC Policy Initiative Proposals

View the meeting agenda. 

Meeting dates:

August 23, 2017: 10AM-5PM

August 24, 2017: 8:30AM-2PM

This meeting will be held at:

The Hal Holmes Center located at: 209 N. Ruby Street, Ellensburg, Washington.

For Reimbursement:

Each district will receive up to $500 for allowable expenses, listed below.

Travel, Per Diem and Hotel.

Ellensburg Per Diem: Room: $91 + tax. Meals: Breakfast: $13, Lunch: $15, Dinner: $23.

The funding will be amended into the Implementation grant based on actual cost once vouchered for.

All expenditures need to be vouchered for by the September voucher and received by SCC by October 20, 2017 in order to be reimbursed. Expenses submitted after the September voucher will not be reimbursed.