Elections and Appointments

At their September 2017 meeting, the Commission approved some changes to the conservation district appointment procedures.  For a summary of the changes, please see the document below labeled “Summary of Election Changes for 2017 – NEW!”  If you have any questions about conservation district elections and appointments, please contact Bill Eller (beller@scc.wa.gov) at 509.385.7512.

  *District Supervisor Full-Term Appointment Confirmations for 2018 – 2021: Western Region; Central Region; Eastern Region

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Each conservation district in Washington State has a board consisting of three elected and two appointed supervisors. The appointed supervisors are appointed by the Conservation Commission. The elected supervisors are elected at the local level. The term of office for each supervisor is three years. Supervisors serve without compensation; they are volunteers.

District elections do not fall under the state statute for general elections (Title 29A RCW) unless specifically identified in the Conservation Commission statute. In fact, RCW 29A.04.330(1)(b) specifically exempts conservation districts from general and special elections requirements. Instead, the Conservation Commission is charged with establishing procedures for the elections. To assist conservation districts and the public with the election of conservation district board members, the Conservation Commission established a rule, a manual, and standard forms for conservation districts to use in their elections.

If you would like to comment generally on conservation district elections, please do so using the Election Feedback Form.

Elections Information for 2017

A recording of the Election Webinar hosted by the WSCC on September 22, 2017 is available here.

For a PDF version of webinar slides, click here.

On March 6, 2014 the State Conservation Commission hosted a webinar to discuss a conservation district elections proviso report. To view the webinar recording, click the video image below, or view webinar slides as a pdf.

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