Office of Farmland Preservation

The Office of Farmland Preservation (OFP) was established in 2007 to address the rapid loss of working farm and forest lands in Washington State.  Visit the OFP site to learn about conservation easements, economic incentives for landowners, and more.

About Conservation Districts

Conservation Districts are a unique form of non-regulatory government, they match local resource needs with technical financial resources to help landowners with “on-the-ground” conservation projects.

Now Available: Conservation Commission 2015-17 Budget Proposals

This week the Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) submitted their 2015-17 operating and capital budget proposals, in accordance with with guidelines set by the Washington Office of Financial Management (OFM). These budget proposals reflect several months of interactive work with our 45 partner conservation districts across the state, as well as discussions with key stakeholders.  The funding...

Success Stories: S. Yakima Conservation District helps landowners afford no-till farming

Soil erosion on agricultural land poses a threat to both crop production and water quality. Topsoil that washes away in the rain or blows off can increase sedimentation in water and spread pollutants. One solution to this is no-till farming. This alternative to conventional tillage reduces soil disturbance by creating seedbeds and planting seeds in one field pass. However, no-till equipment can be...