SCC seeking comment on proposed policy initiatives

Comment period closes at 8:00 pm (Pacific) on Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Washington State Conservation Commission (SCC) is seeking feedback from conservation districts and partners on five proposed policy initiatives.

What are the policy initiatives?

Policy initiatives represent ideas our agency is exploring to address five identified issues. Please follow the links below for a summary of each initiative:

  1. Long-term Sustainable Funding
  2. Incentives and State Water Quality Law
  3. Conservation District Buildings
  4. Confidentiality of Landowner Plans and Assessments
  5. Habitat Projects, Permits, Approvals, and the SCC

Want more details? View a full description of the proposed initiatives

How do I provide feedback?

Please read and learn about each initiative. Then, use this electronic form to provide comments and feedback. You may provide feedback on just one initiative or all five.

Please let us know (360.407.6200) if you prefer to hand-deliver or mail your comments.

If you have trouble accessing information about policy initiatives or providing comments, please send an email to titled “Accessible format” and include the following in your message: 1) the nature of your accessibility needs, 2) the preferred format in which you would like to receive the material (electronic text, plain text, large print, etc.), and 3) your contact information.

Why is the SCC exploring and seeking comment on these issues?

Each policy initiative represents an issue that has been brought to our attention through conservation district meetings, resolutions, partner discussions, and other forums. In May 2017, the SCC Board of Commissioners tasked agency staff with gathering feedback and ideas on each policy initiative. No decisions have been or will be made about these initiatives until Commission members review and consider this feedback. Initial review of feedback on the initiatives will occur at the SCC Board of Commissioners meeting on November 30, 2017.

Who can I contact with questions or to get more information?

Contacts for each initiative are: